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    Peugeot PARTNER

    The Peugeot Partner (formerly the Peugeot Partner Tepee), is one of the most popular utility rental options in Europe. A hybrid-class vehicle which falls somewhere between what North American drivers will recognize as a van and an SUV, the Partner from Peugeot offers surprising fuel economy, plenty of passenger leg room, accommodates tons of luggage and comes standard with in-console GPS, air conditioning, and much more.

    Peugeot's Partner is available for leasing in 4 separate models. You can rent a Partner vehicle as a manual transmission in either a diesel or gas engine, opting for the "Confort" or the "Plus" model - depending upon your needs and budget. Auto Europe's unique partnership with Peugeot Open Europe allows travelers planning an extended stay in Europe to lease a factory-new Peugeot Partner for a fraction of the cost of what they would pay on a traditional car rental.

    If you'd like to learn more or want a no-pressure quote call our leasing specialists toll-free at 0800 983 468, or search online to compare rates and find the perfect car to meet your needs.

    Vehicle Manuals

    Peugeot Partner Models

    Model BHP Occupants Large cases Medium cases Small cases Dm3 Doors MP3 AC
    Standard tires
    100 5 1 3 3 675 5 Yes Yes
    Standard tires
    110 5 1 3 3 675 5 Yes Yes
    All models are equipped with air conditioning.

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