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    Car Hire Frequently Asked Questions

    Rental Facts | Car Rentals | Specialty & Sports Cars | Transfer Service | Motorhome Rentals

    Rental Facts

    While I'm traveling, can I make changes to my rental?

    If, while traveling, you need to make changes to your reservation for rental duration, vehicle type or location, please call our toll-free number listed on your Auto Europe voucher, prior to the expiration of the rental period. Our phones are open 24 hours per day; 7 days a week to help you make any changes.

    Do I need to keep my paperwork pertaining to my rental?

    We ask that you keep any paperwork you receive, including the rental agreement, fuel receipts and final invoice. This will allow us to help you answer any questions you may have.

    Do I need to read my rental voucher?

    We ask that you read your Auto Europe voucher and its Terms & Conditions to check for any issues and to contact us if you have any questions.

    What should I expect when I pick up my rental?

    When you arrive at your destination, you will be requested to sign a rental agreement outlining the inclusions and exclusions pertaining to your rental. You will then be able to accept what you need and decline any additional items that you don't need or want. Auto Europe cannot refund any charges that are accepted once you check out.

    Car Rental FAQs

    Can my airline miles be used towards my car rental?

    Auto Europe does not accept credit card points or airline miles, however you can ask about using them at the local rental company when picking up your vehicle.

    Is the car on the voucher guaranteed to be the car I am going to pick up?

    No car rental company, including Auto Europe, can guarantee a specific make or model. However, we do guarantee the car category. You can always request the make and/or model, however because of availability it can not be guaranteed.

    Is there a toll-free phone service that can be used while overseas?

    All confirmation vouchers contain instructions, so you can contact us toll-free should you need additional assistance after departure. (Emergency road service is provided locally with every rental.)

    What forms of payment to you accept?

    Auto Europe accepts Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Contact us directly if you have questions about other forms of payment.

    How is my rate guaranteed?

    Our rates are guaranteed in South African Rand. Most reservations only require a partial pre-payment to confirm which is fully refundable at any time.

    How fast can I confirm my reservation?

    We can have confirmation for most reservations within as little as 24 hours of advance notice. For last minute reservations, please call us on 0800 983 468.

    How can I obtain a copy of my voucher if did not automatically receive one upon confirmation?

    An Auto Europe voucher can be sent to you by email in PDF or HTML format. You can also visit our Reservation Look Up Form and view a printable copy of the voucher.

    Can I use my debit card to pick up my vehicle?

    Not all suppliers accept a debit card for pick up. Contact Auto Europe immediately if you are planning to use a debit card to pick-up your rental.

    How can I confirm my car rental with payment if I do not feel safe sending my credit card information by email?

    Auto Europe does offer a secured server for credit card payment or you can call toll free on 0800 983 468 to confirm your reservation with an agent.

    Do I need an International Driving Permit in South Africa?

    It is not mandatory to posses an International Driving Permit (IDP) in South Africa as long as you have an English speaking driver's license. However, it is highly recommended and could save you a lot of hassle if you were required to show your own license for any reason since the IDP will have all your info translated into the local dialect. These can be obtained easily through your local motoring club prior to your trip. Auto Europe does not issue these permits.

    Is there a fee for changing or canceling a reservation?

    Auto Europe has no cancellation fee when Auto Europe is advised 48 hours prior to the reserved rental start date. Auto Europe does not charge any amendment fee up to 48 hours prior to rental start date however should a reservation be amended the client will have to pay the rate available at the time of change. For cancellations less than 48 hours prior to the reserved rental start date a cancellation fee equal to the first 3 days of the rental will be charged. In case of a cancellation due to officially acknowledged Force Majeure, Auto Europe will charge an administration fee of 300 ZAR only. Auto Europe does not refund any unused days if the customer does not show up, shows up late or returns the vehicle early.

    Do I need anything to pick-up my car rental?

    Auto Europe requires that you provide your rental voucher, a credit card, along with a valid drivers licence at time of pickup. The voucher shows confirmation of your reservation as well as having specific information about your rental car, rate and other important details needed by our overseas affiliates. When you make a reservation by phone, vouchers are then emailed to you upon receipt of payment. If you book online, vouchers are emailed to you upon receipt of payment.

    What if I find a better rate for a rental car?

    Auto Europe guarantees the best rates and service available. If you should find a lower rate with comparable service, terms, locations, surcharges etc. we'll beat it! To submit the lower rate to us, please complete our Guaranteed Best Rate form.

    Is there a difference between basic and inclusive rates?

    The basic rate includes public liability insurance, fire insurance; value added tax and unlimited kilometers. The inclusive rate also includes CDW and theft protection for the rental vehicle.

    What kind of insurance can I get for my rental car?

    Insurance coverage varies by country. Please see the insurance information in our detailed insurance information page.

    What are your reservation center hours?

    Our reservations center is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call us at 0800 983 468. or make a reservation online.

    Where is the Auto Europe counter located?

    Auto Europe is independent and not an agent for any particular car rental company. The name of the car rental company is provided at the top of the voucher along with the location information for the car rental supplier.

    Specialty & Sports Car FAQs

    Are there any fees for changing or canceling my reservation?

    You may change or cancel a specialty car reservation without penalty up until 3 days prior to the scheduled start of your rental. After this changes or cancellations may be subject to a minimum charge plus delivery free if the vehicle has been dispatched to the scheduled delivery location. You must contact Auto Europe to process all changes and cancellations, not our overseas affiliates.

    Is there a toll-free number I can contact you while I'm overseas?

    There are instructions provided on your confirmation voucher if you need to contact us toll-free for assistance after your departure.

    How can I pay for my reservation?

    You must provide 2 major credit cards, because of the high value of specialty vehicles, at the time of your rental. Auto Europe accepts American Express, MasterCard, and Visa.

    How do I pick-up my vehicle?

    Arrivals in airports and other public places will be greeted with a hand-held sign. Vehicles may also be delivered and returned to hotels and other locations.

    How is my reservation confirmed?

    A detailed confirmation voucher will be sent to you. If you reserve by phone, vouchers are emailed to you immediately upon receipt of payment. If you reserve online, vouchers are emailed to you immediately upon receipt of payment.

    How quickly can I make a reservation?

    We prefer a minimum of 24 hours notice for specialty car reservations.

    Transfer Service FAQs

    Is there a toll-free number I can contact you while I'm overseas?

    There are instructions provided on your confirmation voucher if you need to contact us toll-free for assistance after your departure.

    How can I pay for my transfer services?

    Auto Europe accepts American Express, MasterCard, Visa and Discover.

    How is my reservation confirmed?

    A detailed confirmation voucher will be sent to you. If you reserve by phone, vouchers are emailed to you immediately upon receipt of payment. If you reserve online, vouchers are emailed to you immediately upon receipt of payment.

    How quickly can I arrange for transfer services?

    Auto Europe can typically confirm a transfer service with a minimum of 24 hours advance notice. Services must be fully pre-paid, and credit card information will be kept on file for any extra charges (such as cellular phone services, etc.)

    How will I find my transfer driver?

    Arrivals in airports and other transportation hubs will be met with a hand-held sign.

    Is there a fee for canceling my reservation?

    Reservations are fully refundable up until the time the driver and vehicle leave the garage. 'No-show' bookings will be charged the full cost of the transfer.

    Is there a fee for changing my reservation?

    There is no fee to change reservations for transfer services.

    Motorhome Rental FAQs


    Why choose a motorhome for my next holiday?

    Experience freedom, adventure and fun - all within the comfort and flexibility of a home on wheels! We guarantee the choice of a large range of motorhome types & sizes to suit all budgets. We offer motorhomes worldwide - Europe, Iceland, North America, South America, Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

    Your prices are usually unbeatable - what's the catch?

    Put simply, there isn't one! We are the specialists in motorhome hire and count on long-standing partnerships with motorhome suppliers all over the world to secure the best deals. We always get preferential rates, even cheaper than the suppliers themselves! Visit our website for the best deals.

    If you get a better offer from other partners, contact us, and we will beat it!

    How can I get the best option?

    The earlier you book, the better! Due to the increasing demand for motorhomes, we strongly recommend you to plan your holidays well in advance as in some destinations all motorhomes are sold out more than 3-6 months in advance. You should also take advantage of our early bird discounts, which are usually released several months before peak season. This way, you can secure your preferred motorhome. We also consider last minute requests, but the availability could be very limited and prices will generally be much higher. Please don't forget that high and low seasons differ depending on the destination, for example, winter time in Europe is high season in Australia and Africa!

    What do I need to consider before booking?

    How to contact us

    Call: 0800-983-468 (Monday to Friday from 09:00 - 17:30 Local Time)


    How can I book a motorhome?

    You can book a motorhome via our website, by selecting your location and date, and choosing the vehicle(s) that you prefer. No immediate payment is required: as soon as we receive your request we will check the availability for your selected motorhome with our supplier and we will contact you in the next 24 hours in order to proceed with your booking. You can also contact us via email at

    How can I pay for the rental?

    In order to pay the booking, we accept the major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard and American Express. It is not possible to pay by cash, check or gift vouchers. The payment can be made online (we will send you a direct link) or over the phone. If made online, the cardholder's name must correspond to the driver's name on the voucher, otherwise, the system will block the payment for security reasons. Also for the vehicle pick-up, the main driver's name on the voucher must match with the credit card owner's name.

    Do I have to pay the whole rental rate?

    If the pick-up date is within 70 days, full payment is required. Otherwise, 30% of the total amount must be paid immediately to secure your booking, and the remaining amount must be paid 71 days prior to pick-up. Alternatively, you can contact us 71 days prior pick-up if you want to pay the remaining amount with a different credit card or by bank transfer.

    Is there a minimum rental period?

    Yes, it depends on the season. The minimum rental period usually varies between 7 to 14 days. Shorter periods are always on request. Bookings less than 4 days are not taken into consideration.

    Can I modify a reservation?

    Yes, but we will only consider the modification if requested more than 7 days prior to pick-up. All changes must be approved by the supplier and the price might be updated, if the rate has changed.

    Can I cancel my booking?

    Yes, your booking can be cancelled by you any time according to the cancellation policy which is clearly displayed on our website, in your quotation voucher and again on the final confirmation voucher.

    If you have any questions about our cancellation policy, please contact our motorhome team via email at or call us on 0800 983 468 (Monday to Friday from 09:00 - 17:30 Local Time)


    Do I need a special licence to drive a motorhome?

    Generally speaking, you don't. All drivers must present a valid driving licence and an identity card or passport. Only for Premium motorhomes (with a weight of approx. 3.5 tons) a C/C1 - Category III driving licence will be required. If the licence is not in English, an International driver's licence or a certified translation might be required. Provisional licences are not accepted.

    Are there restrictions on the driver's age?

    In Europe, the minimum driver's age is generally 25 years, but it depends on the rental company. Some countries may allow 21-year-old drivers. If you are less than 25 years old, please contact us and we will check with the supplier before proceeding with the booking. Please bear in mind that a surcharge for young drivers aged 21-25 might be required.

    Are children counted as regular passengers?

    Yes, they are counted as regular passengers for security reasons as they must have their own seat. Child and booster seats must be requested and paid in advance. We cannot guarantee the availability on time of pick up if you do not pre-book them in advance. The renter assumes liability for child seats if compulsory in the destination country.

    What about the additional drivers?

    Additional drivers will be registered directly by the supplier. Most suppliers allow a maximum of two additional drivers. They will also have to provide a valid driving licence and identity document. Please be advised that a surcharge may be applicable and payable locally on time of pick up or in advance.


    Is a credit card necessary for motorhome collection?

    Yes. Depending on the supplier's policy, a deposit, usually corresponding to the insurance excess, will be blocked or debited on the main driver's credit card for the rental duration.

    When can I collect the motorhome?

    Rental stations have fixed opening times which will be listed in your booking. In destinations such as Australia or New Zealand, pick-up may only be possible in the afternoon and return in the morning. Most depots are closed for bank holidays and lunch breaks. Please pay extra attention to the pick-up time and returning time of your motorhomes as this varies per supplier.

    How long does it take to collect the motorhome locally?

    The pick-up procedure will take approximately 1 hour. This includes signing the contract and all paperwork related to your rental along with the explanation how to use the vehicle. If you have any additional questions, please ask the supplier at the pick-up time and they will be more than happy to answer them and explain you all in detail. Please note, if you are flying to the USA or Canada, you cannot pick up the motorhome the same day of your arrival. You will need to book your stay at a hotel for the first night in order to overcome the jet lag and you can pick up vehicle next day. All suppliers will ask you to present your arrival flight ticket! If you fail to present it, it may delay your motorhome pick-up for the next 24 hours. This does not apply in Australia and New Zealand, but please allow enough time to reach the motorhome depot.

    What if I can't collect/return the motorhome during the station opening times?

    In some cases, our suppliers exceptionally allow an 'out of hours' pick-up or drop-off for additional fees. Further details will be given during the reservation process.

    Can I return the vehicle before the due drop-off date?

    Yes, within the depot opening hours. No refunds are provided for early returns. If you return the vehicle later than stated by the contract, late return fees may apply. If you know your vehicle will be returning late, please contact directly supplier & return location as soon as possible and advise them about the late return.

    Are the locations situated at the airport/railway station?

    Supplier locations are generally located outside the airport or the city centre. We display the full address of the supplier as well as the map on our website at the time of booking. In this way, you will have all information on your quotation and confirmation voucher.

    Do you provide transfers?

    Yes, transfers are available on request, and might be included in the rate or payable as extra service, depending on the supplier. Due to the size of the motorhomes, they cannot be delivered to the airport or the city centre in most cases. In order to organise the transfer and confirm the reservation, we will need your arrival and departure flight details. If the transfer is not provided, please check alternative options to reach the station such as a taxi, public transport, train, etc.

    Are one-way rentals allowed?

    One-way rentals are always on request. We will be glad to check for you with our supplier. Please consider that a one-way hire will usually incur extra fees payable locally or in advance, as the supplier will need to move the vehicle back to the original location. Some of our suppliers offer domestic and international one ways. Please contact us for details.

    Is it possible to leave my car at the depot parking during the rental period?

    It would be necessary to check with the supplier if they can organise it for you and, if so, whether extra fees apply. If you decide to park your car at the supplier's location, the supplier would decline any responsibility.


    What is the motorhome transmission?

    The vehicle transmission is always specified in the vehicle description. In Europe, most motorhomes have a manual transmission. In the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, most of the motorhomes are automatic. If you require specific transmission, please contact us before you make your booking.

    What is inside the motorhome?

    With the exception of a few motorhome models, vehicles are normally provided with a toilet and shower, kitchen, fridge, heater, cables and plugs, water tanks and rechargeable batteries. More detailed description can be found on our website and your quotation and confirmation voucher.

    How can I request extra equipment/services?

    Additional equipment and services can be selected online during the booking process. A kitchen kit, towel sets, sheets, a GPS, camping table and chairs, child seats, extra mileage packages, winter tyres, excess reduction options, transfers, one-way fees, etc. might be included in the rate or available upon payment of extra fees. Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you with your requirement:

    Is it possible to reduce the excess?

    Sometimes it is possible to select special packages and options which reduce the insurance excess and vehicle liability. They can be paid in advance or upon collection. Most of our suppliers will offer you additional insurance locally again.

    Is my pet allowed in the motorhome?

    It always depends on the supplier's decision and the animal's size. The vehicle must be returned in the same condition as you receive it during the pick-up. Additional cleaning fees might be applied by the supplier. Please bear in mind that the animal's safety will be entirely your responsibility.

    Can I use the motorhome in winter?

    Yes. Depending on the supplier and the destination, winter tyres may be provided and included in the price, or bookable in advance for an extra fee. You will find all information in the booking offer.

    Is the motorhome equipped with bike racks?

    It depends on the motorhome model. A bike rack may be included in the price or available on request. Let us know if you require one and we will request it for you.

    1. Valid driving licence (not provisional)
      The licence must be in the Roman alphabet and we strongly recommend obtaining an international licence for non-EU residents and non-EU hire. The licence must be valid for your vehicle of choice. It is your responsibility to check if the licence is valid for driving the selected vehicle. Please be sure to check the vehicle weight as for most of the motorhomes you will be required to have B licence, the same as for cars, but in some cases, you will need C licence, the same one as for a light truck over 3500KG and less than 7500KG. If you are not sure about the licence requirements for your selected motorhome, please contact us anytime and we will be happy to help you.
    2. Credit card
      A valid credit card must be presented at the time of pick-up. The credit card must be in the main driver´s name and must have enough high limit in order to allow the supplier to block the deposit. The deposit amount varies between suppliers, charged in local currency & will be blocked on your credit card during the entire rental. If you are not sure about the deposit, please see your voucher or contact us.
    3. Cancellation policy
      Please check our cancellation policy and read the full terms and conditions: this is presented on our website when you request your quotation, while making a booking and again on your voucher. If you have any questions please contact us and we will be more than happy to help you with any queries you may have.


    Is road assistance provided?

    Yes, all suppliers offer road assistance. You will be informed about further restrictions and details during the pick-up. Please remember that motorhomes can be driven only on safe roads. If there is a specific road you would like to drive on and you are not sure if you can (this mainly applies to Africa ), please contact directly the supplier and they will be more than happy to assist you and advise you about the roads and restrictions.

    Am I allowed to travel abroad?

    It depends on the supplier and destination. For example, travels to Eastern Europe, Canada, Southern California and Mexico are subject to restrictions and may not be available. Please inform us before proceeding with the booking, and we will check it for you. Forbidden transits are not covered by insurance.

    Do I have to pay for toll roads?

    Yes, you will have to pay all fees linked to toll roads and possible fines. Some of our suppliers include it in their price. We recommend planning the itinerary before you start your journey.

    Where can I camp with my motorhome?

    For your safety, we suggest you choose campsites and equipped areas. If you prefer to save money you should make a list of free places along your itinerary where you can park overnight, such as at big stores, schools and churches. Also, bear in mind that local laws often have strict rules about free parking on the roadside.


    You will receive the motorhome clean and tidy inside and out. If you are not satisfied with the condition of the motorhome at the pick-up, please address this immediately to the person handling your motorhome. In case they can provide you with a different vehicle to your satisfaction, please take detailed pictures or video documentation. The vehicle must be returned in the same condition if not agreed otherwise in the contract. Additional fee may apply for extra cleaning.

    Customer service and claims

    For any claims, refunds and customer service issue we will require the following documents:

    • Copy of supplier contract that you will sign at the time of the pick-up.
    • Clear photo or video documentation about the issue and/or damage.
    • Copy of police report if applicable.
    • Copy of returning contract signed by the supplier where the issue and/or damage are clearly stated.
    • Copy of any repairing bill that you have paid.
    • Any additional supportive information related to the case.
    • Bank or credit card statement with the charges related to the claim.

    Please send all information including our voucher to As soon as we receive all information, we will contact our supplier on your behalf and try to resolve the claim. Please allow us up to 21 working days before we contact you back with the results.

    Important: Please remember that the answers above are only for general information guidance and they can be updated anytime. For further details, please check our Terms & Conditions, or contact us at